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July 30, 2016
Braces, Retainers
Braces, Retainers, Cleaning, Hygeine
The most influential medical instruments

Braces and retainers are arguably two of the most influential medical instruments to ever be invented, as far as dental care is concerned. Many people now smile with confidence knowing they have the absolute best teeth thanks to this great invention. However, using these appliances comes with great responsibility and that is to maintain good oral hygiene all the time.

Good thing there is an easy way to make sure you maintain extra smart hygiene to go with that orthodontic treatment. We will get to it in just a moment, but first, it’s important to understand why people have to wear things like dental braces and why it’s such a big deal keeping them clean, even after having a quick snack during the day.

Understanding The Need for Braces and Retainers

When teeth are developing, sometimes they tend not to follow the natural structure of the dental line and as such, they have to be corrected. The same applies to trauma victims who suffer injuries to the mouth. In these cases, a dentist recommends some orthodontic measures to correct the problem.

Retainers and Dental Hygiene

A retainer is used to hold teeth in place either before the placement of braces or after removal of braces. The most common retainers are either metallic or plastic. Now according to the state of your teeth, you may be required to wear the apparel at night during sleep or the day for a specified period.

Each retainer is custom designed to fit with a specific person’s teeth set. It can be just for the upper set of teeth or lower set or even both, it all depends on the type of bite and the correction needed. Whichever case, having a retainer demands special dental hygiene which is what we will talk about next.

When wearing a retainer, you are required to pay special attention to cleaning the apparel itself and your teeth. For removable retainers it is much easier, all you have to do is remove the appliance and put it in a container with clean water when eating or brushing your teeth, after you have to brush your teeth, floss a bit and put back your retainer.

For people who wear the fixed appliance, they have to pay special attention when brushing their teeth and this often requires having an efficient toothbrush everywhere you go.

Braces and Dental Hygiene

Braces are designed to keep your teeth straight by putting some gentle pressure and fixing them in place for a certain period. Some people are made to wear a retainer before the braces if they have a serious overbite, then they get the braces after. The majority, however, go straight to braces, after some time when the desired correction is reached, the braces are removed and replaced with a retaining appliance to make sure the teeth don’t relapse back to their original places.

There are other different types of braces apart from the traditional metal ones to date you can find ceramic braces which are easier to maintain; lingual braces which are the same as the metal ones but instead they are placed on the inside of gums rather than outside; Invisalign braces which are the most currently used.

Invisalign consists of custom-made plastic mouth guard that aligns the teeth perfectly; it is clear, non-colored so no one can tell if you are wearing it. There is no need to remove Invisalign while eating, so it is more convenient than the regular appliances. It has to be replaced after every two weeks, though, so that makes it a bit costly.

One thing you should know about braces is that they present a hygiene challenge, especially for children. The appliance acts like food magnets, so you need to work hard to make sure your teeth are clean every time you have them on. This includes brushing after meals and removing food particles that get stuck in your braces. It’s also wise to stay away from some foods that pose problems for braces like sticky candy, gum, sugary beverages that stay on teeth and cause decay.

Effective Orthodontic Care

As you have seen having an orthodontic appliance installed requires really good hygiene. This involves constant brushing of teeth not only at home but even at the workplace or school. As you may have guessed by now, it means you will have to carry a tooth brushing equipment everywhere you go.

But what if you there was a convenient all in one apparel that’s easy to carry and dispose of after use? Brushee is a new and innovative disposable toothbrush that can make sure you no longer have to worry about dental hygiene ever again, all you have to do is brush and dispose of. Brushee is a toothbrush like no other, its small so it can fit in your pocket, has toothpaste already in the bristles, sand above all, it is a toothpick and dental floss all in one. For people with braces and retainers, it does not get more convenient than that.

All THREE features of Brushee are custom made to reach the difficult areas of your teeth and orthodontic apparel. It becomes easier to remove food particles that are stuck in the appliance without causing any damage. Above all, it’s quite affordable and easy to carry around.

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