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May 3, 2016
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Lets be real.

Walking around with bad breath stinks (no pun intended). And in fact is probably one of the worst things known to man.

Chronic Bad Breath

The traditional name for bad breath is actually halitosis. And to keep matters simple, there are two main categories of such, chronic and non-chronic.

Chronic bad breath could actually be the result of an underlying oral care disease or issue plaguing your mouth. So if you find yourself with a chronic issue, we recommend you schedule an appointment with your dentist to rule out any underlying oral care issues.

Conventional Bad Breath

However, if your bad breath comes from food consumption and beverages throughout the day, we’re here for you.

A majority of the problem is often when food gets stuck in the creases and crevasses of our mouth. And although mints and gum can be somewhat useful, they often do very little for long-term fresh breath.

Mouthwash & Tongue Scrapers

Use of mouthwash to rinse your mouth effectively plays a big role in getting rid of bad breath. Mouthwash has antibacterial properties that destroy bacteria that is responsible for bad breath. The advantage of mouthwash over toothpaste is that mouthwash can easily penetrate all small and hidden areas in your mouth to effectively wash away and kill stagnant bacteria.

Tongue scrapping can also remove bacteria that hides beneath the layers that form on your tongue. Thereby reducing considerably the amount of stench that build up in your mouth. You can either use a toothbrush to gently scrub your tongue or use what is called a tongue scrapper.

Why Flossing For Long Term Fresh Breath Works

toothpick and floss can in fact be just as important for freshening your breath as brushing, since they get in those hard to reach areas that may be housing the culprit of your bad breath. 

One of the worst things you can do is have food stuck in your teeth, and think gum and mints are going to save the day. Sure, they may provide short-term satisfaction, but if food stuck in your teeth is actually the cause, you will soon

Watch What you Eat!

There are foods that are guaranteed to leave an undesirable smell. Onions and garlic are the biggest of offenders and usually brushing after eating them doesn’t really help much. The best way to deal with such food is to avoid them when you know you are going to be around people or in close packed spaces.

Quit The Bad Habits

Smoking is the biggest of the nasty habits responsible for bad breath. Avoiding smoking altogether is the way to go, but we all know that is alot to ask, so there are ways to reduce the smoke related odor that comes from tobacco. For example you can use a Brushee on-the-go to mask the tobacco breath.

Try Some Home Remedies Too

And if the above methods don’t cut it for you, you could always go traditional and try some natural home remedies that have proven to kick that halitosis in the curb! You can try herbs like Fennel, also known as a breath sweetener, Parsley which naturally cleans palettes and gets rid of food odors, and Cardamom. Fresh mint has always been known to give a refreshing breath, only downside is you have to chew the leaves and for some that can be downright nasty!! But it works and it’s worth a try.

When to Use a Brushee for Fresh Breath

After Meals and Snacks On-The-Go

Yes, one of the perfect times for a Brushee is after meals or snacks during the day. We know the cafeteria at school, or break room at work can have some pretty tempting items on the regular. But don’t find yourself indulging without a backup plan to keep you fresh.

Before A Meeting or Class

Only you know what kind of snacks you indulge throughout the day to keep you going. But don’t let those same delicious snacks be the ones that are causing you to cover up your mouth whenever you get close to someone. Have a Brushee on hand to help you command the fresh breath and confidence you need to bring out your best.

While Traveling

Man, it can be hard to get through TSA with all the requirements that exist. I mean it seems like nowadays you can’t bring anything with you through airport security.

That is except for a Brushee.

Brushee passes all TSA requirements, and is not only great for use in the terminals before you board the plane. But is the perfect solution for teeth cleaning while on the flight.

You could be on that plane for countless minutes or hours with bad breath or something stuck between your teeth from inflight refreshments. So let the Brushee be your solution to clean out those hard to reach areas, and keep your breath fresh the entire trip.

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