Why Disposable Toothbrushes ROCK!!!!

Why Disposable Toothbrushes ROCK!!!!

In this day and age of convenient and disposable products, it's not surprising that the idea of a disposable toothbrush with toothpaste is a hit with with mobile consumers. Specifically why the Brushee is ideal for maintaining healthy similes while you're out and about.

What Is a Disposable Toothbrush?

A disposable toothbrush is typically small, inexpensive and used only one time before it's discarded. Usually, it comes "pre-pasted" with the toothpaste already on the toothbrush.

When to Use One

There are SO many instances in which a disposable toothbrush with toothpaste come in handy. These can include:

  • Long days in the office or at school, when you need to maintain fresh breath but don't want to carry the entire bathroom sink with you;
  • Overnight stays, such as sleep-overs or business trips;
  • Business lunches or meetings, where you would benefit from fresh breath and having no food stuck in your teeth;
  • Brushing at least three times per day recommend for patients with braces or other orthodontic appliances.

Because they are so portable, its hard to go wrong with a disposable toothbrush with toothpaste to maintain your oral hygiene on-the-go.

Choosing a Disposable Toothbrush

Disposable, pre-pasted toothbrushes are available now a days in all kinds of sizes.

So, choosing the right one can be a task

Find out your needs for managing bad breath. Are you looking for:

  • Something portable that's easy to conceal;
  • A toothbrush that can be used more than once; or
  • A product that offers both benefits, such as the Brushee Pocket Sized Toothbrush with toothpaste in the bristles, a toothpick inside, and a floss at the end?


With the Brushee disposable toothbrush with toothpaste so there's no requirement for water, and it can be used more than once if you'd like.

Perfect Choice for Mobile People

Everyday consumption of common goods such as coffee, ketchup, red wine, and cigarettes can make it difficult to maintain a big beautiful smile. So a disposable toothbrush with toothpaste, is ideal for  mobile consumers who wish to maintain big confident smiles and healthy oral care on-the-go.

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