Hitting the Airport...Grab a Brushee!!!

Hitting the Airport...Grab a Brushee!!!


With airport security measures being as strict as they are, we're are often unable to pack toothpaste in our carry-on luggage, making it difficult to clean our teeth while on-the-go. The BRUSHEE disposable toothbrush provides a solution to this problem. 

The BRUSHEE was designed to meet the US Transportation Security Administration’s requirements for approved carry-on items, and is the best product to provide you with teeth cleaning and multiple flossing options.

It is especially useful for air travelers who want in-flight teeth cleaning, and fresh breathe during their flight.

While traveling you often have no clue who you will meet, or how long you will be out. So don't find yourself stranded without an amazing product to help boost your image.

Stay confident, grab a BRUSHEE!

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