Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin'


Summer is almost here!!!!

And while its time to jump for joy and bathe in the carefree times of vacations and trips, sometimes they prevent you from maintaining  proper dental health.

We all know being away from home can make it difficult to maintain proper oral care. And everyday consumption of common goods such as coffee, ketchup, red wine, and cigarettes can make it difficult to maintain a big beautiful smile.

But even while you travel, you don’t have to take a vacation from proper oral hygiene. The Brushee was our way of helping you maintain healthy oral care on-the-go and a big confident smile!

But with all that said, we’ve provided some tips to help keep your family’s oral care tight while traveling.

  1. Think Ahead
    Be sure to pack extra toothbrushes, paste and floss. And insure you have a couple Brushee’s on you in case you need a clean up in-transit or lose your luggage.This way you always have easy access to oral care.
  2. Cover your toothbrush
    Toothbrush caps are awesome for preventing germs from infecting your toothbrush while in your bag. But make sure to keep them dry, as covering wet bristles can actually encourage bacteria growth.
  3. Bring disposable products
    If you will be traveling in a place where you won’t have access to clean water or a sink, making sure to clean your teeth is still important. So be sure to pack a Brushee which doesn’t require water..


    But if you’re going to discard of it, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you RECYCLE PLEASE!!!!

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