Brushee’s - Top Tips for White Teeth

Brushee’s - Top Tips for White Teeth


Now we all know everyone likes their pearly whites! But unfortunately, there are certain habits and behaviors that get in the way of keeping those puppies how we like ‘em.

See the key to keeping our teeth white, is enamel. Our enamel, which covers the teeth, is naturally white, However it wears over time, and when it does, it reveals a lower layer called “dentil” that is yellow by nature. BUT, there are things we can do to combat this!

Refrain From Excess Coffee and Tea – Most of us know drinking coffee or tea stains our teeth. However, they also erode enamel and can cause food particles to stay in our mouth by making our teeth sticky.

We’re not saying cut it out, we’re just saying dial it back a little, Queen Starbucks!

Stay Away From Sugary Drinks O baby, there’s no real way to beat around the bush on this one. Sugary drinks are a major hindrance to keeping your teeth white. The mix of acid and sugar is deadly when  talking about protecting enamel.

So lets keep this guy to a minimum shall we.

Please Don’t Smoke So you thought sugary drinks were bad…well you ain’t seen nothing yet. Smoking is by far the granddaddy of damaging white teeth. In fact, it even has the potential to leave gray marks on the surface of your teeth which often can’t be removed.

So if you’re seeking a very simple way to keep your teeth a shade lighter, consider this.

Use a BRUSHEE once a day- See a lot of our decaying enamel comes from activity during the day, while we are on-the-go and unable to maintain clean teeth. And carrying a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss around, is just a pain.


That’s why we created the BRUSHEE!


BRUSHEE'S combination of toothpaste in the bristles, pick, and floss, aide in removing surface stains before they even set in, while also removing food particles from between your teeth.


So o yourself a favor, get a BRUSHEE today and keep your teeth white !

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