So What Is The Best Time to Floss?!?

So What Is The Best Time to Floss?!?


Flossing is an integral part of maintaining healthy oral care. In fact, the ADA recommends we floss at least once a day to help remove plaque from between the areas of our teeth that brushing can't reach. This routine is absolutely critical to long-term health, and not only prevents cavities and gum disease, but also prevents tartar build up from un-removed plaque hardening overtime.  

So What Is The Best Time to Floss?

Research has shown that a majority of people floss after they brush. But we’re here to tell you….

It really doesn’t matter! Just do it! And do it well!

Find some time throughout the day that works best with your daily routine, and plug in a time to floss.

Outside of the plethora of freshness benefits the BRUSHEE brings, we highly recommend our product because it gives you the ability to easily floss throughout the day, without having to break a sweat. Our combination of pick and floss, with the added benefit of a “pre-pasted” toothbrush, allows you to simply remove excess plaque while on-the-go, before it even sets in.

And ladies and gentlemen, please don’t forget our children must floss as well. In fact, dentists recommend that as soon as our little ones have two touching teeth we should start helping them floss. Naturally they may not have the dexterity and ability to floss properly, so we recommend you assist them until they feel comfortable performing on their own.


 So make it easy on yourself, and don’t forget this crucial step in your oral care health.


Just grab a BRUSHEE today, and floss in between meals while on-the-go!

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