The Best Way to Travel with Your Toothbrush

The Best Way to Travel with Your Toothbrush


If you plan on traveling in the near future, you’re probably going to want to bring a toothbrush with you. Interestingly enough, many people stress over whether they should pack their current toothbrush in case or buy a brand new one for the trip.

At BRUSHEE we frequently come across people who choose to pack their current toothbrush in a plastic case. While this is effective, you should know that your toothbrushes bristles should be properly dried before placing it in any containment. Wet bristles in a contained area can become a feeding ground for bacteria to grow rampantly in your toothbrush. And we know you don’t want that.

So if you plan on using a plastic tube holder or brush case, make sure you take the time to properly clean, and dry your brush after each use. And also rinse your toothbrush case with water every once in a while.

The Best (And Healthist) Way

So we know you may be thinking, just get to it already; what’s the best way to travel with a toothbrush? Well, it’s actually much simpler (and healthier) than you might think—just purchase a couple BRUSHEE'S that you can take with you and dispose of when you are finished.

BRUSHEE'S combination of multiple flossing options helps remove food particles from those hard to reach areas, while the toothpaste in the bristles provides you with a clean and healthy smile while traveling. As you brush, our paste releases to aide in removing surface stains! And less than sixty seconds, the job is done, and you have clean and complete oral care in a jiffy!

BRUSHEE was specially designed to meet TSA requirements for approved carry-on items, and is especially useful for in-flight teeth cleaning and fresh breathe during flight!

Life is too short.

Don’t spend time stressing over how to pack your toothbrush, just buy a couple BRUSHEE'S today

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