Protecting You And Your Family's Toothbrush

Protecting You And Your Family's Toothbrush


Sometimes in life we overlook the small things and don’t appreciate the impact they have on our lives. So we’re here today to discuss one of things that you use on the daily (or should be), but may not get the credit and glory it deserves.

You and your family’s toothbrush.

See many people may look at the their toothbrush for what it is, just a toothbrush. But in actuality your toothbrush is much more than that. Your toothbrush is basically the primary care provider of you oral health. They prevent plaque build up, gingivitis and cavities all in one minuscule item. And to top it off, they are pretty cheap.

All in all, sounds like a pretty good deal.

But of paramount importance is the care and love you and your family show for your toothbrushes. So we’ve got some simple daily tips to help you ensure that that battering ram of oral care defense stays fresh.

Let Them Dry Out

Rather than closed cabinets or containers, that can be a feeding ground for bacteria if not stored properly, we recommend most family’s utilize a toothbrush holder of some kind. Typically one where the brushes are able to stand vertical and the bristles are given ample amount of space to air dry properly.

Location, Location, Location

Make sure to place your toothbrush holder in a location that’s unto itself. Placing it too close to the sink can allow for debris and dirty water to potentially splash, and come in contact with your family’s toothbrushes.

And please, we beg of you. Do not keep your toothbrush holder anywhere near your toilet. Those germs and particles are something we know you don’t want coming anywhere near your family’s toothbrushes!

So Fresh and So Clean

Over time our toothbrush holders can pick up germs and bacteria that we don’t want in contact with our family’s toothbrushes. So we recommend ensuring your toothbrush holder is fresh and clean at all times. So make sure to stick that bad boy in the dishwasher, or wipe it down with some sort of antibacterial the moment you notice it getting dirty.

Brushee Family Pack

By no means are we suggesting you replace your regular routine of brushing and flossing at home. However, having a Brushee Family Pack allows for tons of flexibility in maintaining your family’s oral health.

You can easily pack one for you or child, sibling or spouse to use on the go and in between meals.

Plus they make a great item for potential houseguests.

So do yourself a favor, grab a Brushee today!

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