Brushee Trivia | Is There A Best Time To Floss?!?

Brushee Trivia | Is There A Best Time To Floss?!?


A question we always seem to get is. “Should I floss before, or after I brush?”

Well we’re here to let you know, its entirely up to you!

The order in which you brush or floss is dependent solely on what makes you feel best. As long as the cleaning on both are thorough and complete, you’re good to go!

And yes, brushing and flossing are both needed to get an optimal clean within your mouth. The probability of plaque build up which causes tooth decay, is inevitable if you don’t floss. In fact, by not flossing you are leaving 34% of your mouth uncleaned.

Not a good ratio to have when trying to optimize your oral care health in the long run.

So we recommend you brush at least twice a day, and floss between meals.

See flossing between meals fights plaque build up BEFORE it even occurs. While we go throughout the day eating and drinking to fuel and maintain our bodies, we accumulate a good amount of particles in our mouth.

Yes, it’s often heralded to floss at least one time a day, and typically at the end of the day to remove all the particles and plaque build up that has occurred.

But the question rarely asked is, why even let it occur…

If you floss and brush throughout the day there is no need for an Olympic style clean at the end of the night to get rid of all the build up.

And this is why the Brushee PocketSized Toothbrush is so fantastic!

With our toothpaste in the bristles, toothpick and floss, you get the ultimate clean and refreshment while on-the-go. There is no other product that offers you all three options of cleaning for your care. And there is no need to carry anything else.

Even people who struggle with those difficult spots to reach are taken care, due to our pick AND floss option.

So please do your mouth a favor, don’t let that plaque build up on you throughout the day.

Just buy a Brushee, and let your smile shine!


For more information about the proper way to clean your teeth and gums, just visit our blog at Oral Care Tips.


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