Causes For Your Toothache: It May NOT Be A Cavity !

Causes For Your Toothache: It May NOT Be A Cavity !


Posted by Brushee Brand Publisher on April 18, 2016

So ideally we would brush our teeth twice a day, use a Brushee in between meals, go to the dentist regularly for checkups, and we’d live our lives entirely free of any aches, pains, and cavities.

Sounds wonderful.

But in reality, a majority of us will experience at least one of the symptoms mentioned. But before you jump to the conclusion that you may have a cavity, we want to inform you of some other possible causes for your toothache.

Teeth Sensitivity

Have you ever been drinking some ice-cold lemonade on a sweltering hot afternoon, and had that shutter run across your teeth that sends jitters through your body. Well if you have, you may be experiencing a low degree of teeth sensitivity. Teeth sensitivity usually arises due to thinning of our tooth enamel, and/or gums. We recommend you go see a dental professional to confirm it is in fact only a sensitivity and nothing more severe.

Sinus Infection   

That’s right! Many people may not know this, but a sinus infection, although rare, can in fact be the cause of your tooth sensitivity or pain. These kinds of symptoms usually coincide with nasal congestion and swelling of your sinuses. And again, if you happen to think this is the case, be sure to go see your doctor as soon as possible to confirm or deny any doubt.

Cavity or Cracked Tooth

This guys a little different, and a little easier to tell due to the symptoms. Typically cavities or cracked teeth feel like stabbing or sharp pains that arise when eating or drinking. However, if you are experiencing consistent discomfort, you may have an abscessed tooth or infection.

One of the safest ways to ensure you don’t end up with a cavity, abscessed tooth or infection is to brush in between meals with the Brushee. Brushee was designed to make brushing on the go easy, and is a disposable toothbrush with all the features of a regular toothbrush.

Just Go See Your Dentist

In both of these cases we recommend you see a dentist immediately to check out the scene.

A little pain or sensitivity may be a slight annoyance, and very well could subside over time. However, it can never hurt to ensure your health and oral care health is in good standing.

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