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February 3, 2020
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Simple Steps To Eliminating Bad Breath

So you have bad breath, may have bad breath or want so make sure you don't have bad breath. 

Either way ladies and gentlemen, you're in the right spot.

Because we’re going to give you a simple, easy, and effective way to stop your bad breath!!

First and Foremost

If you do have bad breath, you're not alone. In fact, bad breath is the #1 reason why most people go see dentists in the first place. And lucky for you, there is an easy solution to nab bad breath in the behind.

1. Scrape your tongue, don’t brush!

Now many people may ask, why can’t I just brush my tongue! Well if you’ve never scraped your tongue before, take a tongue cleaner or spoon, and scrape it along the surface of your tongue. You will never consider brushing as an adequate alternative again.

2 . Simply swish your mouth with water

You will soon notice the drastic difference. And yes, it's that simple

How often should I scrape my tongue?!?

As most things, it's really up to you!! We recommend scraping at least daily.

But The Real Question Is

Why let bad breath set in the first place....

Just carry a BRUSHEE with you. It easily assists in eliminating bad breath caused by intraday consumption of foods and beverages we consume. There is nothing you have to carry on your person besides a pack and you’re good to go!

Our combination of toothpaste in the bristles and multiple flossing options provide you with the end to bad breath before it even begins.  And water is not necessary.

So don’t be that person, cowering in the corner due to your garlicky prowess.

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