The Secret to Fresh Breath & White Teeth

It's true. You can't mask fresh breath with gum, or mints. Those are just temporary solutions that don't even provide dentist approved oral care.

Brushee is a patented, simple, on-the-go solution, that lets you brush, pick & floss your way to a healthy mouth in seconds.

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Before heading into that next meeting, meeting up with your friends, or getting close with a loved one, grab your Brushee and give your mouth long lasting fresh breath and sparkling white teeth.

Leave your big bulky toothpaste, toothbrush, and floss picks at home, and simply slip Brushee into your pocket or purse and pull it out when you're ready.

“As a Dentist, Brushee works for everyone.”

I tell my patients the importance of brushing when you wake up, brushing before you go to sleep, but just as important is brushing during the middle of the day. The USDA says that you should at least brush twice a day, which really means you should brush three times a day. That means you'll need convenience and practicality, which is exactly what Brushee is. My patients are never going to carry around a toiletry bag with toothpaste, toothbrush floss and picks - but they will carry around some Brushees.

Gus Perdom
Waltham, Massachusetts