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March 23, 2020
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Halitosis, Bad Breath, Oral Hygiene
No One Likes Bad Breath

Bad breath is the worst. 

So we’ll spare you the lecture of why your breath smelling like old carpet, won’t do you any good.

What we’re really here to discuss is:

  • Why we have bad breath
  • What causes bad breath
  • How to get rid of bad breath

And no we’re not talking about your onion-perfumed mouth after you demolished a Philly Cheesesteak. We’re referring to the chronic bad breath that unfortunately plagues 25% of Americans, and is not simply resolved by mints or tic tacs.

This my friend, is referred to as Halitosis.

So What Causes Halitosis?

There are a couple of culprits that can flare up our

  • Our Food. Okay, so we’re not letting you off the hook that easy for annihilating that onion loaded cheesesteak, and not having a backup plan for your breath. See the foods we eat often leave residue in our mouth that cause a lingering odor. Lucky for you a quick Brushee fix will have this cleaned up in no time!
  • Dry mouth. Many people overlook the correlation between dry mouth and Halitosis, but it is real. See the saliva in our mouth is used to wash out germs and bacteria that often lead to bad breath. And if that saliva is no longer present due to smoking, poor nutrition or medications we may be taking, our chances of Halitosis just rose like a flower bud.
  • Oral Care Complications. According to the ADA, the most common reason for Halitosis is often due to tooth decay and gum disease. As it’s much easier for bacteria and germs to live in the cavities and crevasses in our mouth if gone unchecked and can be the real issue behind our chronic battle with bad breath.

How to Cope With Halitosis

If it's simple, keep it simple.

Don’t let the food and beverages you drink be the reason why you’re walking around with bad breath during the day.

We created the Brushee to let our toothpaste in the bristles, toothpick, and floss, do the job on whatever is you just put down for lunch!

On the other hand, if your bad breath is chronic and likely due to tooth decay or gum disease, we highly recommend you see a dental professional ASAP. As left untreated could leave you battling bad breath daily, and potentially cause damage to the long-term integrity of your oral health.

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