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June 15, 2020
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Soft Drinks + Oral Care: Tips for Reducing The Damage

As you may or may not know, exposing your teeth to soft drinks can enhance tooth decay and erosion. 

This will eventually lead to the break down of your teeth enamel and can cause cavities and a number of other dental issues.

However, with a travel toothbrush like the Brushee, you could fight against this erosion.
See within twenty minutes of consuming soft drinks and beverages high in sugar, there's an immediate acid attack on our teeth. But by using a Brushee after consumption, not only do you have short term benefit of a disposable toothbrush, but also a product to fight against this attack and potentially aid in the long term integrity of your oral health.
Regardless of all this, we know many of you must have your fix.
So we have some suggestions for you:

Go For Diet Drinks

Although diet sodas do contain phosphoric and citric acid (the primary ingredients behind tooth decay), they contain considerably fewer amounts than regular soft drinks.

Choose Cola’s

Studies have shown that colas have considerably less acid in comparison to non-colas. And could be a slightly better option for reducing potential tooth decay.

Root Beer To The Rescue

Of all the suggestions, root beer may be our strongest one. Not only is it non-carbonated, but research has shown that some varieties of root beer contain neither citric, nor phosphoric acid.

That said - by no means are we condoning drinking soft drinks.

But if you do, we recommend you consider the above, consume soft drinks ONLY when eating meals, and use a straw to reduce contact with your teeth.

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